The Four Elements and the Cornerstone

The Four Cornerstone (Judeo-Christian) Elements, which still hold scientific validity, are Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. When combined together, they form a hexagram, or a Star of David. The ancient symbols representing these four elements can be seen as follows:

I. The Element of Earth
II. The Element of Air
III. The Element of Water
Element Ikons
IV. The Element of Fire

The practice of Judeo-Christian Magick and Witchkraft involves the manipulation of these symbols, which naturally combine to form the Star of David. The traditional understanding of this concept can be visualized in a variety of ways as can be seen below:

The Four Elements of the Star of David


Other Ikons include the following-

Element Ikons

Standard Colors and Symbols of the Four Elements\

Element Ikons

Earth, Air, Water, Fire Going Clockwise

Element Ikons

The Four Elements in Black and White

Element Ikons
Asian Four Elements
Element Ikons

Colored Ikons of the Elements

Then there is the Apocrypha, such as the Book of Enoch II.

Element Ikons
I placed him on earth, a second angel, honourable, great and glorious, and I appointed him as ruler to rule on earth and to have my wisdom, and there was none like him of earth of all my existing creatures. And I appointed him a name, from the four component parts, from east, from west, from south, from north, and I appointed for him four special stars, and I called his name Adam, and showed him the two ways, the light and the darkness (II Enoch 30:12-13) 

The Element of Earth Falls Down-

Examples include: Mudslides, Avalanches, Earthquakes, and Hailstorms

Element Ikons
The Element of Air Rise Up- 

Examples include bubbles, steam, smoke, clouds and wind

Element Ikons

The Element of Water Falls Below-

Examples include: Waterfalls, Hurricanes, Tidal Waves, Floods, Rivers, Indoor Plumbing and Hydro-Electric Dams

Element Ikons

The Element of Fire Rises Above-

Examples include: Geysers, Volcanoes, Tropical Storms, Campfires, and Space-rockets

Equilateral Triangle

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