Definitely Not the Anti-Christ

The mounting evidence that many fellow Americans are clinically insane can be clearly seen in a recent poll of ordinary Americans who were asked if they thought President Barack Obama, the first black president in this nation’s obviously racist history, was the anti-Christ. Here are some of the relevant statistics:

– Unbelievably, 18 percent of conservatives truly believed that he was the legendary anti-Christ destined to destroy the 2,000 year-old kingdom of Christianity that has basically ruled the world ever since.
– An astonishing 24 percent of Hispanics and 24 percent of those under 30 also agreed that mild-mannered Obama was the evil one himself. Why they thought so remains a deeply disturbing mystery.
– Unbelievably, 6 percent of Democrats also agreed with the insane accusation that the undisputed leader of the free world also happens to be the anti-Christ. They must surely regret their rash decision to vote for such a dangerous demonic tyrant who also happens to be the happily married father of two daughters.

As a whole, this recent news merely goes to show that this nation is clearly in trouble with substantial numbers of its prone to some of the most delusional, and possibly damaging, beliefs the modern world has ever seen.

Make no mistake about it. The Anti-Christ will be an openly Satanic, sexual degenerate who will gleefully harness the latent, spiritual power of lust, fornication, and sodomy in a ritual manner in order to punish and enslave those who would still dare to believe in the one, true God of the Bible.

For all his so-called faults President Barack Obama is clearly a deeply Christian man, who has yet to succomb to the diabolical, insidious temptation to commit adultery upon his beautiful wife and mother of his two virgin daughters.

In reality, the Obama family is a shining example of how true, monogamous love is still possible to achieve, even in this decadent and corrupt American nation of the 21st century. Both he and his wife are a clearly Christian blessing upon this country whose citizens definitely need an example of what a normal, loving two-parent household is really like. It matter what the president does behind closed doors and it matters that Barack Obama is a faithful and courageous husband who also happens to be the most powerful man on earth. No, the current president of the United States is most definitely not the anti-Christ.

In many ways, he is already a truly American hero who has shown the African and African-American world that nothing, even the legacy of slavery and hatred, can keep them from becoming the future Christian leaders of both today and tomorrow and throughout the centuries which lie ahead.