Meaning, Origins, and Symbolism of the Word ‘Cornerstone’

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Q: Why is this website called the Cornerstone?
A: In the English language, a Cornerstone is basically considered to be a stone that has been placed or established at the bottom, the foundation, during the very beginning of a building’s construction. Traditionally, the Cornerstone has always been seen as being located somewhere below, rather than above. Here are two standard definitions of Cornerstone which confirm this understanding:

The CornerstoneCornerstone
noun \-stōn\
Definition of CORNERSTONE
1: a stone forming a part of a corner or angle in a wall. Specifically, such a stone laid at a formal ceremony
2: a basic element : foundation <a cornerstone of foreign policy>
1. Officials held a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for a new library.
2. Trust is the cornerstone of their relationship.
First Known Use of CORNERSTONE: 13th century
Synonyms: basis, bedrock, bottom, base, footing, foundation, ground, groundwork, keystone, root, underpinning,

Mirriam-Webster Dictionary

The Cornerstone Cornerstone
1. the basic part of something, on which everything depends- the cornerstone of:
2. the stone at one of the bottom corners of a new building, often put there during a special ceremony

Macmillan Dictionary


For many different reasons, the obvious and common sense understanding about Capstones, Cornerstones, and the eyes of the pyramids appears to be somewhat missing or lacking among nearly all the Judeo-Christian believers of today. It is, in fact, somewhat tragic that, for a great number of years now, the vast majority of American people have been incorrectly viewing the eye above the pyramid as a ‘Cornerstone’, rather the eye below the pyramid (a blatantly literal representation of a Cornerstone). Seen carefully, and logically, the eye above, the pyramid would more appropriately be designated as a ‘Capstone‘, which has always been located at the top, rather than the bottom, of a building or some other structure. Given that this obvious and diabolically confusing nonsense has lasted for over 200 years, with very few people ever really actually knowing that it is the eye below the pyramid that truly is the Cornerstone, it seems high time for this oversight to be corrected. At the dawn of the third millennium, it seems most appropriate for all Americans, and indeed all people, to have a thorough understanding of the eyes of the pyramid once and for all. Here is the correct definition of Capstone:

The CapstoneCapstone
1. top stone: a stone used at the top of a wall or another structure
2. high point: something considered the highest achievement or most important action in a series of actions

Encarta World English Dictionary

The CapstoneCapstone
(kapstone) n.
1. The top stone of a structure or wall.
2. The crowning achievement or final stroke; the culmination or acme.

American Heritage Dictionary


In truth, very little is really known about the original creation of the eye of the pyramid and its inclusion on the backside of the Great Seal of the United States of America. Even less is known about how much Freemasonry was actually involved in the final symbol. Nevertheless, readers should take note that Benjamin Franklin, a known Freemason and skeptic, first recommended having a portrait of the Hebrews fleeing the Pharaoh and his army, even though the eagle and the eye of the pyramid were eventually adopted as the official Seal. With that in mind, it seems most probable that the Founding Fathers also saw the Eye of the Pyramid as far more of a Judeo-Christian (Hebrew), rather than Egyptian and/or Pagan symbol.

In sum, numerous years of thorough research, along with at least a small amount of common sense, reveals that the only conspiracy behind the Eye of the Pyramid is a thoroughly Judeo-Christian puzzle that is quite easy to solve. Seen carefully, the missing top of the pyramid where the all-seeing eye rests is at the exact same level as that of a triangle which, when combined with another inverted triangle, creates the Star of David, the Hexagram, also known as the Joshua Star. Contrary to the delusions of some paranoid, and misinformed believers, the Star of David is not an occult symbol at all, but a 3,000 year old family emblem which includes Rabbi Joshua ben Joseph (Jesus Christ) and his parents St. Joseph and St. Mary, as a part of that royal family. Thus, the American people, along with all God-fearing people and families who believe in the Judeo-Christian tradition have absolutely nothing to fear when it comes to the eyes of the pyramid. Indeed, everyone should feel reassured that the eye above and the eye below the pyramid are basically two parts of a symbolic tradition that can be found hidden throughout the Holy Bible and which is distinctly Hebrew in its earliest origins. In reality, the Star of David is a genuine Biblical ikon having very little, if any, Pagan influences. Thus, it should not come as a surprise to find that combining both the eye above and the eye below together (taking an eye for an eye, so to speak) creates none other than the Star of David.

The National Flag of Israel

This rather familiar insignia, which can be seen most prominently on the flag of the modern nation-state of Israel, also happens to be the ancient family coat-of-arms of King David, as well as his son King Solomon, and all his descendants since that time. The blood lineage of these two famous kings was followed 1,000 years later by St. Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary, and their son, Rabbi Joshua of Nazareth, the Messiah (Jesus Christ). One should remember that, literally all the Judeo-Christian Kings and Queens of Europe (and some in Africa) are directly descended from this royal family of the tribe of Judah. In addition, dozens upon dozens of learned and scholarly Rabbis, both in Israel and America, can also claim the Star of David as their own family emblem and they have the documented records to prove it.


A Basic Understanding of the Eyes of the Pyramid

The Capstone

The Seven Basics of the Capstone
I. Top
II. Up
III. Above
IV. Over
V. High
VI. Height
VII. North


The Cornerstone

The Seven Basics of the Cornerstone
I. Bottom
II. Down
III. Below
IV. Under
V. Low
VI. Depth
VII. South


The Star of David

The Eye Above + the Eye Below
I. Top + Bottom
II. Up + Down
III. Above + Below
IV. Over + Under
V. High + Low
VI. Height + Depth
VII. North + South


The Capstone, the Cornerstone, and the Natural World

The Capstone—————– The Cornerstone

I. Mountain —————- I. Valley
II. Stalagmites ————- II. Stalactites
III. Clouds —————– III. Lakes
IV. Ocean Wave ———- IV. Undertow
V. Branches ————— V. Roots
VI. Volcano ————— VI. Tornado
VII. Birds —————— VII. Mammals


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