The German Nietzche’s Hatred for the Judeo/Christian

The German Nietzche's Hatred for the Judeo/Christian

Nietzsche is forthrightly blaming the Judeo/Christian moral tradition for the rise of the slave morality. For Nietzsche, there are no essential differences between Judaism and Christianity- Jesus was a Jew who wanted to reform Judaism, and the ensuing split between Judaism and Christianity is a matter of two variations on the same theme. Both Judaism and Christianity share the same roots and the same general approach to morality. Nietzsche traces the origin of that morality back to a decisive set of events early in Jewish history, before the time of Moses. That event was the enslavement of the Jews in Egypt. If we recall our Biblical history, the Jews were for a long time a slave people under powerful Egyptian masters.

– The Origin of Slave Morality, by Stephen Hicks,