101 Cornerstone Bible Verses – The Female will Surround the Male

101 Cornerstone Bible Verses - The Female will Surround the Male

How long will you wander about, you back-sliding daughter? For the LORD has created a new thing upon the earth- a woman shall encircle a man.

– Jeremiah 31:22


101 Cornerstone Verses is a series of on-line Biblical quotes consisting of exactly one hundred and one verses taken from numerous English-language translations of the Judeo/Christian Bible, including both the Old and the New Testament. More than 40 different Bibles were consulted in the process of obtaining, and sometimes editing, these particular Biblical verses. This series, 101 Cornerstone Verses, is meant to represent the best and the greatest, the most relevant and important, the most bizarre and profound sentences to ever be found in the English language. Indeed, they are the very Word of God. God bless and Shalom.

SOURCE: BibleGateway.com