Unique Aspects of the Four Corners of Time – Day, Month, Year, Lifetime

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For a thousand years in Thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night.

– Psalm 90:4

These are the generations of the Heavens and of the Earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the Earth and the Heavens.

– Genesis 2:4

1- The Four Cardinal Directions directly corresponds to the Four Times in a Day.
2- The Four Colors of the Elements directly corresponds to the Four Phases of the Moon
3- The Four Elements of Creation directly corresponds to the Four Seasons in a Year.
4- The Four Archangels of the Four Corners directly corresponds to the Four Periods in a Lifetime.

From the Beginning, through the Middle, and then onto the End of the Day, then the Month, then the Year, of an entire Lifetime




Four Daily Directions– The Eastern Dawn soars upward to reach the Southern Apex of Noon then slowly falls down into the Western skies of Dusk only to find the sudden approach of Dawn from the East once again.

Four Monthly Colors- The Yellow Moon Waxes Orange culminating in a Full Red Moon which Wanes first Purple then Blue to finally end in a Green Moon only to shed its Blue portion and slowly transform into Yellow once again.

Four Annual Elements- The Spring Air heats up to the Summer Fire which is cooled off by the Fall Water and then frozen solid by the Winter Earth only to be melted by the warm Spring Air once again.

Four Lifelong Angels- Raphael, the Spirit of Birth quickly transforms into Michael, the Spirit of Youth, which slowly marches onwards to Gabriel, the Spirit of Maturity, ending finally in Uriel, the Spirit of Old Age, only to be replaced by the birth of the next generation under the guiding Spirit of Raphael once again.



TIME: The Beginning, From the Beginning, Near the End, The End
DAY: Eastern Dawn –> Southern Noon –> Western Dusk –> Northern Midnight
MONTH: Waxing Yellow –> Full Red Moon –> Waning Blue –> New Green Moon
YEAR: Air of Spring ——> Fire of Summer ——> Water of Fall –> Earth of Winter
LIFETIME: Birth of Raphael –> Youth of Michael –> Maturity of Gabriel –> Old Age of Uriel

The Four Elements (1575-76), by Jacobo Zucchi

The Four Elements (1575-76), by Jacobo Zucchi

Artist: Jacopo Zucchi
Painting: The Four Elements 1575-76
Summary: This unfinished allegorical painting on copper may once have formed part of a larger decorative scheme. The subject is the Four Elements:

1) Water (in the form of a river-god and abundance of coral lower left),
2) Earth (in the form of Cybele who is seated lower centre),
3) Fire (shown by Vulcan in his forge lower right) and
4) Air (with Juno in the centre, surrounded by nymphs, and a multitude of birds upper left).

– The Four Elements, by Jacobo Zucchi, Web Gallery of Art, Wga.hu