The Obvious Use of the Cornerstone in Certain Top 40 Song Lyrics

THE OBVIOUS #1) ‘GRAVITY hurts. FALLING from cloud 9′ (Wide Awake, by Katy Perry)
THE OBVIOUS #2) ‘Bury me UPSIDE DOWN’ (Cherokee, by Cat Power)
THE OBVIOUS #3) ‘I met Jane at the CENTER OF THE EARTH’ (The Devil In The Wishing Well, by Five for Fighting)



The practices and activities seen upon what only Angels would consider the Earth Below ironically include the continued metaphorical use of the Bible’s ‘Cornerstone’ throughout the mainly talentless pop culture of 21st century America. Although few really know about the Eye Below Pyramid symbolism inherent in Biblical concepts such as the Cornerstone, this centuries-old leading metaphor continues to profoundly influence today’s ‘culture’. The absolute match between the Eye Below the Pyramid and the following Song lyrics needs no further explanation:

Wouldn’t dive IN, wouldn’t bow DOWN…GRAVITY hurts. FALLING from cloud 9…

– Wide Awake, by Katy Perry

Bury me UPSIDE DOWN Cherokee, kissing me, when I’m on my way DOWN.

– Cherokee, by Cat Power

You’ll meet the devil at the BOTTOM of a wishing well. I met Jane at the CENTER OF THE EARTH. It was dark there was dirt all around, but I gather you can figure that

– The Devil In The Wishing Well, by Five for Fighting


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