Jesus Christ = Morning Star = Star of David = Lucifer = Jesus Christ


>– Jesus Christ = Morning Star = Star of David = Lucifer = Jesus Christ–<


>– Root…of David + Offspring of David = Bright, Morning Star –<

I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.

– Revelation 22:16

‘I, Jesus…am the Root…of David‘ = DOWNWARD TRIANGLE
‘I, Jesus…am…the Offspring of David‘  = UPWARD TRIANGLE
‘I, Jesus…am…the bright, Morning Star.’ = BOTH TRIANGLES TOGETHER

DOWNWARD TRIANGLE: Roots grow downward towards the bottom
UPWARD TRIANGLE: Offspring, just like tree branches, grow outward and upwards reaching forwards into both time and space.
THE UNITY OF BOTH TRIANGLES: Without any Roots, a Tree would eventually fall over, while without any Branches, a tree wouldn’t get any sunlight, causing them to starve to death. Both roots and branches are necessary simply for a tree to stay alive. The Star of David best represents this reality of both Roots and Braaches (Offspring) together as one unit for the benefit of all.- with Heaven and Earth combined as one, from now to forevermore.

>– Root…of David + Offspring of David = Bright, Morning Star –<

THE BIBLICAL QUOTE: So we have the prophetic word confirmed, to which you should pay attention to as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the Morning Star arises in your hearts. (2 Peter 1:19)

THE CONCLUSION: Given that, in his 2nd New Testament Letter, the Apostle Peter is calling Jesus ‘the Morning Star’, and also that Revelation 22:16 translates best translates into English as  direct Biblical reference to Jesus Christ being the ‘bright  Morning Star’. This inevitably means that, by definition, Jesus Christ is Lucifer, and not Satan. This equality also proves true mathematically:

IF: Jeus Christ = Morning Star
IF: Lucifer = Morning Star
THEN: Morning Star = Morning Star
THEREFORE: Jesus Christ = Lucifer

Put bluntly, if Lucifer is the correct Latin translation for ‘Morning Star’, and if the Bible identifies Jesus as the Morning Star at least twice and possibly three times in the New Testament, then, all things being equal, Jesus Christ is ‘Lucifer’. It’s just that simple. Nothing else makes as much common sense and that is probably why there has been so many long centuries of total ignorance and confusion over the Devil’s real name, because it sure isn’t Lucifer. It may well also be because the Devil truly loves and thrives upon the confusion of true believers, just as he completely despises, and immediately tries to destroy, any sort of common sense on the issue of who he really is- as do many Christians who still hysterically insist they would rather ignore the fundamental linguistic/mathematical truth about the issue, and continue believing in a comfortable lie…


One thought on “Jesus Christ = Morning Star = Star of David = Lucifer = Jesus Christ

  1. Bible is fake, or modified by satanist emperor constantin I , to control christianity and establish ROME as centre of chrystianity.


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