The Crop-Circle Cornerstone

A Gigantic Jelly-Fish Crop Circle

Crop Circles, the One, True Miracle

One Hundred and One Unexplained Crop Circles

The supernatural has yet to truly manifest itself in the modern world. The sole exception appears to be what is commonly known as ‘crop circles’. Without a doubt, the crop circle formations, which cannot be explained away as man-made hoaxes, are little more than ghost pranks coming from the local cemetery. One magazine notes the following:

Crop circles remain unexplained phenomena, continuing to baffle even the
most dedicated of paranormal researchers… Certainly, crop circles are not
simply modern, or indeed post-modern occurrences. They have been documented
in academic texts dating from the 17th Century and over two hundred accounts
reported prior to 1970. Yet it is the period since Thatcher’s vicious reign that the
circle phenomena has exploded with over ten thousand reported to date…Designs
can vary widely. They range from simple circles, circles with rings or straight lines,
to complex pictograms mimicking computer fractal and elements that relate to
quantum physics… researchers still insist that this is not a man-made phenomenon.

– Naked – Magazine of the Weird and Wonderful


Crop Circles with Impossibly Complex Details

Considering the fact that several thousand crop circles have been reported in recent years, while almost no one has ever been caught, should cause most skeptics to pause in their knee-jerk assessment that they are all made from living men and women who remain anonymous. Where are all these hidden, secretive groups of skilled professionals that can accomplish such feats of geometric precision on a single dark night? The answer, quite simply, is the dark side of the moon, a place where only ghosts could ever survive, while the living would both suffocate and freeze to death in seconds if they were not wearing high-tech space-suits. Even Wikipedia, the Internet’s main encyclopedia, reluctantly admits that at least some crop circles remain scientifically unexplainable. It states the following:

This alludes to the fact that [almost] no crop-circle makers have been
caught in the act…In most cases, it appears that thecreation of crop circles
is a nocturnal activity. Usually nothing is reported, and during one attempt to
observe the creation of a crop circle, numerous individuals witnessed nothing
out of the ordinary, yet were astounded to see a crop circle in the field 500
yards (457.2 m) away from the one they had been watching the next morning.
Crop circles known to have formed during daylight have not revealed the
presence of hoaxers.

– Wikipedia


A Set of Multi-Expanding Crop Circles

Although the Roman Catholic Church will probably never make any official statement about the crop circles, most Clergy members who are experts on the supernatural will gladly tell you, off the record, that it is simply the dead having a little fun at the expense of the living. Put bluntly, many of the crop circles are too big and far too complex to have ever been created by the living during a single night of trespassing. Although quite a few of the crop circles can definitely be designated as man-made hoaxes, hundreds, if not thousands, of others remain completely unexplained. Given the actual time that would be physically necessary to complete some of these formations, ghosts must somehow be manipulating both time and space, utilizing a technology that modern science would still call impossible.

Into the distance, a ribbon of black stretched to the point of no turning
back a flight of fancy on a wind swept field standing alone my senses reeled.
A fatal attraction holding me fast, how can I escape this irresistable grasp?
Can’t keep my eyes from the circling, sky tongue-tied & twisted, just an
earth-bound misfit…A soul in tension that’s learning to fly, condition
grounded, but determined to try…above the planet on a wing and a
prayer, my grubby halo, a vapour trail in the empty air. Across the
clouds I see my shadow fly out of the corner of my watering eye, a
dream unthreatened by the morning light.

– Learning to Fly, by Pink Floyd

Because of the undeniable existence of the crop circles, the supernatural continues to be alive and well, yet vastly underreported by the all-too-skeptical media. Similarly, the New Age of Christianity will probably end up being the same sort of fun, magical local phenomena that the national and international media will, for the most part, ignore. This is how it should be, so that no egotistical maniac can grab the spotlight and attempt to seize power and control over millions of others using the diabolical mass media of today. As has been predicted before, ‘The Revolution will not be televised,’ and, for most Roman Catholic Christians, the song remains the same.

Whoever produces crop circles puts a lot of time and effort in this
activity. Whoever is doing this has responded to clumsyattempts of
hoaxters and scientific investigators to produce crop circles with ever more
sophisticated designs that cannot be duplicated within the time frame such
circles appear, which is in a single night. Whoever is behind the crop circles
phenomenon has a plan and is determined to implement this plan.

– World

May the LORD God bless you in the name of St. Judas Maccabaeus.

Jason Nicholas Corning


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